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Regulation, coordination and control sexual function handles the central autonomic nervous system stored in the hypothalamus, a peripheral system, consisting of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and the hormonal system central hypothalamus and pituitary. From there they are carried by the blood to peripheral gonadotrophin hormones sex glands that stimulate or inhibit the production of sex hormones peripherals. Hormones peripheral glands then again relocated blood retroactively affect the production of gonadotropin hormone in the pituitary gland. Discipline to sexuality extends through inhibition connecting path between the hypothalamus and the cortex of the brain. Hypothalamus and the autonomic nervous system is accessible volitional interference is through inhibition of feedback circuits leading from the cortex to the hypothalamus and limbic system.
Under the influence of stimulatory or inhibitory nerve impulses are also links between the pituitary gland, which forms the gonadotropic hormones, and the pineal gland, which forms a damping melatonin activity of the gonads. So even in this system has a yogi opportunity to interfere with sexuality. But turning away from anything that arouses sexual arousal, application, lust is not simply a de facto absence of sexual intercourse or sensory impulses, but also exclusion of sexual dreams and intentions to establish sexual relationships.
Despite the possibility of immediate fulfillment of these conditions, the hormone of pituitary gonadotrophin system and peripheral gonads on a new hypothalamic-cortical orientation adapt very slowly. After mastering sexuality ongoing transition process in humoral-hormonal levels continue, so long as the body forms a bounty of sex hormones corresponding to the strong sexual polarity and thus are caused until they tied biochemical processes.
If effective interventions in sexuality is cut off relations with the world, interrupted the action of the world itself, which from a subjective point of view just these relationships, and the creature becomes a closed system.
This is one of the decisive factors for the transformation of sexuality.
If it fails to control the sexuality, the yogic practice usually caused by uncontrollable passion, and fail if sexuality dominate in all manifestations, causes yogic practice of psychological anomaly, manifested a certain kind of fanaticism, which can cover any area of ​​life.
Exhortation to control sexuality in any event would not lead to moralism and prudery - let's not forget that one of the possible ways to control sexuality is focused on achieving the perfect self-control during intercourse (the tantric path). Prudery consequences because they can be negative as well as indulging passions - it is necessary to distinguish the truth, whether prudish reactions are transformed sexuality and what is behind this or that behavior.
Transform sexual energy into neutral can also be physical work and bland food, but usually only temporarily. But a trained yogi of their efforts can draw strength, because physical activity maintains alertness and prevents diffusion tendencies of the mind.
The significance of sexuality explains K. Minarik follows:
"Sexuality is it that makes a man a slave or a usurper or a villain or indolent weakling.
Focusing on the chest can certainly sleep sexual lust, since roznícením central psycho-neural zauzlin wake deflagration idealistic ... but venomous snake sensuality remains in the roots of his being, and in appropriate circumstances, it returns the primitive and elementary humanity. It must descend into itself with analyzing concentrating minds, thus far less irritating nature, but by adhering to yogic moral poisonous snake leave his place, and man will live in peace, in a state of redemption for all times. "
Described above discipline at the level of mind and emotions both lower and higher levels could be reduced to three main steps: 1. Zpřítomňování body, or parts thereof, in consciousness. It is the engine of yogic practice and a source of needed energy. Raja Yoga is the foundation.
2. Analytical inward discernment processes at all levels. It is a source of knowledge in the physical nature of mental, emotional and instinctive life and mode of action of individual qualities. It is the foundation džňánajógy.
3. Transformation of discordant tendencies in harmonious rational option plan subject thinking and rational choice plan quality feelings. It is prescribed own sense of morality and foundation of Bhakti. Mastering the emotional area of ​​the inner life of man is not a quick and simply wanting rarely achieves great results.
Methodical step, which allows the results to achieve is concentration. This is so because concentration is a technique that develops the ability to perceive subliminal stimuli and distinguish them and hence the only reason to choose the option stimuli desirable.
For object concentrating first elected lower limbs. They are selected because of their mental excitation energy of anyone not expose the unbearable conditions and the sharp reactions of their own beings or persons to man's seeking or have yet to come into a relationship. Energy potential hull because this can cause turbulent kindling emotions.
The consequence of concentrating minds in the legs is its Stabilisation and eliminate volatility. At the same life energy does not emit into the environment and become consciously usable. In place of concentration in tension, which the body clearly recorded and that change static energy in the tissues kinetic.
If the voltage reaches the tissues of the legs a certain level, it creates an electromagnetic field between the two poles - the heads and legs -Which in body tissues causes the phenomenon of dielectric polarization radicals, ie. Smallest organizational units carrying an electric charge. This phenomenon can manifest neindukčním force flow, whose existence is conditioned just reversal of personality, ie. The tension in the legs must be higher than in the head.
Non-Inductive power flow from the physical point of view so expressed. The slide el. shock. (From the same point of view in a living organism can distinguish two types of power. Currents, but the second type, namely the electrolytic current, is not subject to interest yogi.
The electrolytic current is a result of movement of ions body fluids of different conductivity. The largest has a conductivity of cerebrospinal fluid-filling the spaces between the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and their packaging. Very good conductivity also has a blood plasma, lymph and intercellular fluid fills the intercellular spaces available.)
Establishment sliding currents in tissues is subject to the polarization of particles because the electrical charge carriers are not freely movable, but they are tied into larger organizational units. Bipolar particles that mediate tissue metabolism and bioelectric happening are disordered and variously oriented and therefore outside their effect canceled. Only when the electromagnetic field created by an adequate intensity, the particles are oriented in the direction of a field and they become polarized. The resulting charge is referred to as false or bound stream which moves in the direction of orientation of the array, is precisely the current slide.
They drove organism functionally suited for electric lines. impulses through the polarizing effect - like specialized nerve tissue - yogi achieves extrasensory perception, which mediate sensory sensors, but the electromagnetic field being.
Handling of mental energy in the event of becoming so. Second to fourth insight or immerse and body areas clearly perceptible tension. Practically, this means that a developed sense with which to evaluate their motives and going through the so-called. Direct perceptions.
During deployment of so-called. Direct perception is no longer necessary to ensure inspiration and intuition, because these are usually the domain of human mental passive. Mystik ensure that their entity-level functions have stabilized, and in his life does not decide inspiration and intuition, but direct surveys. These biophysical findings enrich the knowledge of advanced yogis who claim that the polarizing effect may lead to structural changes in both fyzioloické and in psychosomatic. In the writings of K. Minarik find a statement that due to the increased power. activity on cell membranes thereof, their increased permeability and increased metabolism of tissues sublimes lymph, whereby the body becomes lighter and more resistant to aging. the effect of religious systems, is called. "water baptism".
Once the lymph largely evaporated, begin to deform the cells, which appear to the body as pain. This effect is called "baptism of blood".
Therefore, the body breath introduced air element, which replaces the lymph. In the thus-dried cells occurs first, the depression nucleus of body cells, partly to further fullness polarizing effect. This fullness is subjectively perceived as heat, which burns the body, without increasing body temperature.
The result is a burn sensibility, and thus the automatic reactions and reflexes, which are replaced by rational decisions. Burn emotionalism is called "baptism of fire".
Possibility induction of these phenomena at the cellular level illustrates the cellular system and hence the metabolic processes of the cell.
Each cell typically has an outer membrane (plazmalemu), which separates the inner cell plasma and core from the environment.
The main task of the outer cell membrane is necessary to recognize the substance for the cell is let in and removed from the cell waste products of metabolism.
To accomplish this task, the membrane has several mechanisms. The direction of penetration of the membrane of the substance is determined by the concentration and electric charge-difference on the inner and outer side of the membrane.
In addition to these mechanisms, there are also mechanisms dependent on energy derived from molecules of ATP, what are known. One-way or two-way pump (e.g. sodio the potassium pump in nerve, muscle and kidney cells), this mechanism is significant in that the electrical energy derived from ATP may finalize agents against koncetračnímu and voltage drop.
Another task of the cells process information about the heat and the chemical and mechanical irritation, which are peripheral nerve. Transmission system is fluid, mainly through fluctuation. potential on the respective membranes of nerve cells - the majority of cell membranes has a difference el. 50-80mV potential) inside negative, outside positive).
Communication system metabolic cells is based on the increase or decrease of the electric potential of charged particles, or on the movement of electrons.
If the function of consciousness is expanded from cortex to diencefalu and medulla oblongata to the autonomic nerves yogi can purposefully intervene in your body at the cellular level by changing the power. potencilál membranes.
There is therefore needed to try to consciously hold each one of the cell membrane, but it is sufficient if this work is performed in a space which holds the body. The condition, however, is aware and defined purpose in relentless pursuit of concentration.
Concentrating initially presents individual self-awareness event. This phase lasts until the person attains focusing feeling place of concentration. Once this capacity is reached, the concentration ceases to be different viewing actions, but can become smooth and continuous perception into which can be included in the hull and hence the whole body.
Once aspiring man apparently managed to concentrate in the legs, becomes eligible to proceed to the mental compression pointing to the bottom of the fuselage, eletrizující power flow begins to awaken so. Chakras.



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Sixth Chakra - Ajna Chakra

February 13, 2008 at 14:15 | Lightsoul77 | Aura and Chakra

Chakra forehead, "third eye" inner eye, the eye of wisdom

The sixth chakra is the center of his forehead, one finger above the bridge of his nose. Open the forward direction. It is the seat of higher spiritual powers of intellect, intuition and awareness. Custom color of this chakra is clear indigo, there may not even be the colors yellow and purple. These color differences show the diversity of consciousness. Rational or intellectual thinking can cause light yellow. Bright dark blue indicates the transcendent intuition and perception is reflected in purple. Insufficiency function of this chakra manifests "ground mentality," refusing to higher spiritual "mysterious" fact. For example, in experiments on the observation of the aura, different kinds of divination, is very important that this chakra is harmická and indulge developed. Ashnah chakra has a connection with vision and inner vision, dreams and psychic life. It is focused on consciousness. It portrays as lotus with two leaves and a triangle that shows one corner downwards. The triangle is the symbol of OM, which symbolizes truth and absolute awareness. Controlling this chakra means controlling the power and capabilities of all previous chakras.
This chakra is associated with color - indigo blue, yellow, purple
Sensory function - all the senses and super-sensory perception
parts of the body - the face, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, cerebellum, central nervous system
gland - the pituitary gland (pituitary)
hormones - vasopressin (vasopressin) pituitrin
Aromatherapy - peppermint, jasmine
sleep - sleep and waking sleep, 4 hours

Opening and clarifying the sixth chakra deepens translucent dark-blue (indigo), which strengthens and heals the senses.
The sixth chakra stimulates observation of dark blue night sky full of stars.
The sixth chakra is the woman turns to the right and left with the man.


The sixth chakra completes the conscious perception of being. It is the seat of higher spiritual forces, intellectual abilities of discernment, memory and will, at the highest level of physical sighted center of the central nervous system. Custom Color sixth chakra is bright indigo blue, but can also distinguish yellow and purple hues. These colors indicate the different functions at different levels of consciousness. Rational or intellectual thinking can trigger yellow. Bright dark blue points on intuition and consistency of the cognitive process. Super-sensory perception, manifested purple hue. Every realization in our lives precede thoughts and ideas that may either be based on unconscious emotional patterns, or it can be the source of knowledge of reality. "Third Eye" have the power of ideas connected with the story speech. All knowledge that is manifested in Creation, is pure being present in unmanifested form, similarly as in the seed contains all the information needed to make him one of the grown plant. The process of creation begins when resting in itself Being inform their own existence. This creates a relationship first subject - object, and the first duality. Being without shape receives his first appearance shown by vibration. Based on these great-vibrations generated by other processes uvědomovacími further and other various forms of vibration. In the US, people are included at all levels of Creation, from pure being to stiff matter and are represented by different levels of the chakras. Thus, the process of manifestation also in us and through us.

Because the sixth chakra is the seat of awareness-processes have the ability to find manifestation (demonstration) to the materialization or dematerialization. We can also create a new reality on the physical level and the old interrupt. Usually, however, the process occurs automatically, without our conscious cooperation. Most of the ideas that define our lives, is held fixed controlled by our emotional reactions, and is programmed by our and foreign judgments and prejudices. So often our spirit is not the master but the servant of emotionally charged ideas that we can partially control. Even though these ideas are realized in our lives, because what we see around us and we live, after all, is always a manifestation of our subjective reality. The development of our consciousness and the gradual opening sixth chakra this process can become more conscious control. The strength of our imagination now generates energy to the fulfillment of certain ideas or desires. In conjunction with an open heart chakra we can also transmit healing energy and to heal remotely.

At the same time we are gaining access to all levels of Creation that lie beyond physical reality. Necessary knowledge comes to us by intuition, clairvoyance, hearing or feeling. As we previously possible only vaguely suspected, it becomes clear and distinct.

harmonic function

At present, there are few people whose "third eye" is completely open, because its opening goes hand in hand with the continuing evolution of consciousness. This is a result, however, more clearly than in the hitherto described chakras that chakra works harmoniously, although not yet fully open. This manifests itself in a perceptive mind and mental abilities. Sign partially open and functioning harmoniously sixth chakra can be both comprehensive look at some scientific research, so eg. Knowledge of deep philosophical truths. Probably one has a well-developed ability to visualize and understand the context of many intuitively. Spirit is focused and open to mystical truths. Increasingly recognizes that the external forms of things are just images, symbols, in which the spiritual principle manifests on the physical level. Thinking builds on the imagination and idealism. Maybe sometimes he observes that the thoughts and ideas spontaneously take place.

The more developed sixth chakra, the more thinking is based on direct, inside knowledge of reality. For a growing number of people are starting vyvářet partial sixth chakra skills such. Intuition and feeling at certain levels, some temporary gain insight into other dimensions of reality, eg. In meditation or in dreams. Describe the whole area of ​​skills and perceptions, which allows open the sixth chakra, for us, it is not possible. It filled many volumes and we would have to rely on other people's information. One begins to perceive the world in a new way. Completely overcomes the boundaries of his rational mind, thinking is holographic, spontaneously takes on when learning the information that comes from different areas of creation. The material world is "transparent". Dance is the mirror of energy that takes place in more subtle levels of creation, as well as consciousness is a mirror in which recognizes the Divine Being. Extrasensory perception is so clear that one can directly perceive those forces that operate below the surface of the outer mold is able to consciously control these forces and have generated new forms of expression. In doing so, subject to certain regularities, which can not exceed the framework to keep to the Order. Intuition and inner vision opens the way to all the finer planes of reality. It recognizes that the physical plane and the plane of pure being, there is an infinite number of worlds, populated by various creatures. Inner sight happens multifaceted drama Creation endless constantly begetting new forms and level of reality, the seemingly endless possibilities of new forms and levels of reality.

disharmonious function

The most common manifestation of discordant function of this chakra is "head load". A man who lives almost exclusively to his intellect and reason. By trying to run everything by reason, are valid only those truths which facilitates rational thinking. Intellectual abilities are perhaps really strong and has a gift shrewdly analyze, but there is no overall view and the ability to integrate into the great cosmic context. There is so easy to intellectual disdain. Valid only for what it is understandable reason and scientific methods verifiable and provable. The inner spiritual knowledge dismissed as unscientific and unrealistic. Among the manifestations of dissonant functions sixth chakra also includes attempts to exert force ideas on people and things in order to demonstrate their own power or satisfy personal needs. In this case, usually broken and the chakra solar plexus chakra and underdeveloped heart chakra and the crown of the head. If the sixth chakra blockages despite some relatively very open, they can be too successful attempts, but in any case it is not in accordance with the order of life. This creates a feeling of isolation and strength gained satisfaction does not last long. Another effect of mismanagement in the sixth chakra energy is reflected when disturbed first chakra (and thus "grounding") and other chakras are blocked. Then it may happen that a person does have access to the finer planes perception, however, does not recognize the true meaning of the perceived images and information. Mingle with their own ideas and fantasies coming from zafixovaných emotional reactions. These subjectively conceived ideas may become so dominant that it is considered as the only reality, he is projected to the outside world and loses its relation to reality.

insufficient function

If the flow of energy of the sixth chakra is significantly limited, the only true reality external, visible world. Life specify material desires, physical needs and uncontrolled emotions. Spiritual discussions are difficult and unhelpful. Spiritual truths dismissed as mere speculation or snílkovství meaningless without practical significance. Thinking is oriented according to the prevailing opinion in society. In difficult situations, then he loses his head slightly. Maybe it can also be very forgetful. Visual disturbances, which are often with insufficient sixth chakra connected, are warning that you looked inside and more recognized and those areas that are under the surface. In extreme cases, they may be vague and confused ideas and completely blocked held fixed emotional reactions.

Options cleaning and activating the first chakra

effects of nature

The sixth chakra stimulates observation of dark blue night firmament of stars. This experience opens the spirit for infinite width and depth of the manifested Creation with countless his many forms and gives us a sense subtle energies, structures and patterns, represented the heavenly bodies and their cosmic dance in the depths of space, as well as acting as external manifestations of our life on earth.

sound effects

Music: All the sounds that open and soothe the spirit and evoke images or feelings cosmic depths, are very suitable for the recovery and harmonization of the sixth chakra. Easiest way to find such songs in New Age music. In this way, it acts as some classical pieces of music of East and West, especially eg. By J. S. Bach.

Vocal: forehead chakra is activated vocal "i", sung vocal tone A. "and" relaxes upward movement. Represents the power of inspiration that leads to ever new knowledge.

Mantra: Ksam:

effects of colors
Opening and clarifying the sixth chakra deepens translucent dark-blue (indigo). Spirit gives inner peace, clarity and depth. Strengthens and heals the senses and opens the finer levels of perception.

effects of gems

Lapis Lazuli: The dark blue color Lapislazuli are like stars in the night sky scattered grains of pyrite gold. It conveys the soul of experience in the security space and open to eternal life. Spirit leads into the heart, enhances its strength and helped by his knowledge of the higher context. Supporting intuition and inner vision lets get to know the hidden meaning of things and the forces behind them acting. Moreover, it gives deep joy of the miracle of life and the universe.

Indigo Sanro: Bright translucent sapphire opens the cosmic spirit of knowledge and eternal truths. Its vibration cleanse, transform and renew the soul and spirit. It creates a bridge between the finite and the infinite, and lets consciousness flow with the current of divine love and knowledge. It brings the soul seeking clarity on the spiritual path.

Sodalite: Dark blue sodalite brightens the mind and leads him to deep thoughts. His quiet light gives gentleness and strengthens the nerves. It also helps eliminate fixed ways of thinking. Adds confidence and strength to hold their own opinions and transmit ideas and insights into everyday life.

effects of scents

Peppermint: Refreshing peppermint scent releases blockages in the sixth chakra and helps in removing the old limiting thought structures. Presents to our spirit of clarity and vibrancy and promotes the power of concentration.

Jasmine: delicate floral scent of jasmine opens our spirit images and visions that have a message deeper truths Vibrations jasmine scent and soften the perception of the energies of the sixth chakra to chakra energies heart.

Types of yoga, affecting mainly the sixth chakra

Džňánajóga: Džňánajógaje path of knowledge, based on the development of spiritual faculties distinction between real and unreal, the eternal and pomíjejícího. Jnana Yogi recognizes that there is only one immutable, incorruptible and eternal fact God. In his meditation turns itself through its distinctive capability directly to the absolute without qualities, neprojevenému aspect of God to him, his spirit will merge.

Jantrajóga: Yantras are geometric shapes generated image; which symbolize the divine Being, his strength and aspects. They are auxiliary means of visualization.


Even on Ajna Chakra ..

When passing through Kundalini Ajna chakra leads to calm our thoughts. Bezmyšlenkového we achieve a state that is pure consciousness, a feeling of relaxation and peace. We become humble towards the immense vastness of the ocean life and thereby also capable of receiving and sharing his rare quality. We see their right to life and of course we have the ability to respect other living space. We're tossed between states when the world belongs to us and vice versa depression and lethargy. Ajna chakra is the gateway to všepronikajícímu source of Divine Love, the gateway to the kingdom of God. Without opening it is possible that the Kundalini passed through and entered the Sahasrara chakra.

From this place is dominated by the whole being. It is the connection with cosmic forces, bodyguards and connecting with our intuition. From curfew incentives for the use of our spiritual nature and its use for spiritual guidance. It is through this chakra can develop telepathy, astral travel experience or recognize the subtle dimension. We can gain new insights and understanding of the universe as a whole.

The subtle energy system
| Very simply can say that the human subtle energy system corresponds to the nervous system and is divided into three "channels". Left and right channels we use to their conscious and subconscious physical, mental and emotional activities. Middle Channel corresponds to the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls breathing, heartbeat, work digestive and excretory system and other unconscious activity. Energy channels, which in Sanskrit called Nadis, joining other energy centers (chakras) and allow synergies between them. Nadi lead stamina. Chakras and channels need to be kept clean and balanced in all aspects of human beings, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual function properly.

| Condition of our chakras are after kundalini awakening perceive hands. The figure depicts the relationship places on the palm and fingers to individual chakras. If our subtle system in good condition, we feel in the hand during meditation cool breeze. Otherwise, we feel warmth or slight stinging or tingling in the fingers and various locations in the palm of belonging to the chakra, where Kundalini works more intensively.

| Left channel

The left channel (ida nadi in Sanskrit) is also called the lunar channel. It begins in the muladhara chakra rises and the Ajna chakra goes into superego on the right side of the head. It provides leadership for energy needs. Our wishes are essential for our actions, not by their impulses nothing could happen. This channel takes care of the emotional life and history. Problems left heading towards passivity or emotional extremes (faults). The emotional imbalance is self-discipline becomes difficult and bad habits hard to correct them. Serious problems left channel can lead to utter lethargy, depression and various mental illnesses.

| Right channel

The right channel (pingala nadi) is also called solar channel. Begins at svádhišthána chakra rises right side, the Ajna chakra moves to the left side and ends in the ego. It is led by active energy, stimulating our dynamic and physical activity. If this party is too overstretched, left side and waning desire and ability to perceive the joy fades. When the right side dominates, the person becomes very dry and aggressive. This creates excessive pressure on the left side of the head and ego. The entire system is off balance and a man blinded by ego loses sensitivity to emotion. His decisions and actions limiting the lives of others and the person accepts and takes place with the firm conviction that they are necessary and logical.


Entry into the Ajna chakra - "crunch"

Chakras, in Taoism called energy centers are faith psychic energy for their opening mostly again need a calm mind and relaxed and flexible body, a condition that most of us, even if it was about things like interest also does not happen, because the chakras they are not blocked and the body is too stiff and numb that the chakras managed to perceive. Therefore, it is appropriate when the searcher performs exercises in addition to the awakening of Kundalini has traditionally been one of the many available exercises to unblock the chakras, including asanas.
As with chi and chakras it is difficult to measure modern devices. Nevertheless they exist and are identified with the nerve plexus in the human body, and especially the endocrine glands, thus endocrine glands, which inject their secretions directly into the blood. These glands have functions that are already able to recognize a science, but there are certainly many which still seeing the light of science.
Qi, especially the kundalini in their respective pressurizing the body can these chakras gradually from the bottom to open and equalize and optimize their functions. Do not ask me why this is so. It is amazing that the human will to power and such an incredible thing ever prove. Chakra-tuned, if you will, and glands, but the chakras are indeed accurate term, then act like communicating vessels, which can gradually tune the entire body and mind to be optimized for the individual concerned. Heals and rejuvenates body and soul seekers. Reduce its biological and psychological age.
An important moment on the way up is Kundalini Ajna chakra, also called the third eye chakra. Here in fact is the Kundalini to enter directly into the brain, and after appropriate pressurization of qi in the body under this chakra is accompanied by the crunch in the bridge of his nose and possibly lighting effects will open access to the sacred realm of our superkompjůtru. The brain is such an electric appliance, which has its psychogenic cerebral field. A DC voltage of the electric field of the brain has a cardinal influence on all the processes that are taking place in the brain, and therefore on our health and happiness.
Although it seems incredible, since we are overcome the level of Ajna Chakra, can your brain and your brain psychogenic field, regardless of the opinions of contemporary science to directly influence regulating the flow of life energy in the brain or its pressure. Bioenergy is gradually increased spine to the brain, which after the energy literally craves, and if it gets in sufficient quantity, literally blooms. (If the brain bioelectricity too, can seduce her down through channels and pingala class or using the meridian pathway called conception to zásobárničky in the solar plexus.) Pubococcygeus is in fact through the central channel is connected directly to the brain. During orgasm, our brains energized for a short time; using exercises on the flow of Kundalini, then the long term. Kundalini is transformed sexual energy.
Until the moment it opens access to energy to the brain, we can back out if we are afraid of the unknown and fear if the adventure. Life energy supplied by any of the above exercises of us can go out within about 12 hours. Therefore, it is desirable to conduct energy exercises twice daily. If you do not provide the body with additional bioenergy Kundalini pressure gradually decreases, until the life energy eventually disappear within a few weeks, he pulls back to its source in the pelvic floor and back to sleep. Chakras and meridians will gradually partially or fully blocked and disappear, flows through them only a minimum of energy and body works again like the "old order". Pity.


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The eighth, thirteenth chakra ..

The eighth chakra (the paintings of saints drawn like a halo)
It is outside the physical body (chakras and all over it as well). It is in your activity. It hovers around 30-50 cm above your head. Most people kept the eighth chakra close to the physical body. This chakra collects chi energy from the sun and the light and transforms it into vibrations necessary to keep the system being in operation at that stage of development where they are currently located.

It's good every day with closed eyes 10-15 minutes trying to absorb solar energy and use it to open this chakra and then convert it into stocks fourth chakra, which is used to nourish the body forms. The saturation open the eighth chakra chi energy is sufficient twenty-minute daily exposure to the sun. In ancient times, our ancestors did not eat as much as we eat. Getting power through such practices in solar temples.

The eighth chakra is the energy center of divine love, spiritual humility and spiritual selflessness. It is also the chakra that contains your residual karma - the energy patterns, which you have more than one life after kept. When the eighth center begins to open and expand, begin to shape a new spiritual consciousness. The individual begins to feel part of a wider community of people.

This chakra is the gateway to new ideas, concepts and skills. This center allows vzestupujícímu achieve spiritual perception, for example, extracorporeal projections, or spiritual wisdom. In this sense, the spiritual means that affects things beyond the personal level above the level of the individual and the planet and formulates the relationship to the universe and everything in it.

The eighth chakra is the last energy center, which in itself holds anything human. Therefore, it becomes a temple of human cleaning and releasing designs that are several lifetimes old and worn. These patterns are the last thing keeps you in constant rebirth and your humanity and help prevent unification with higher forces, beings and thoughts. When this center opens, not only begin to acquire awareness of the wider community energy, but you start to get rid of those designs that you maintain entrenched on the planet. This discarding is a natural process, and once this center is awakened, the individual is ready to let go of their humanity and to seize something bigger, much more beautiful and infinitely divine.

As a result of this strong karmic connection when the center opens, it is not without stress. How much friction it causes depends on what the individual must let go. They say that once you open the way for the spirit, you are changed forever and can not be undone. Our new mental and spiritual abilities and awareness can cause you to feel after some time alienated and unearthed on the planet until the natural ground in the lower chakra opens again neukotví individuals. For this reason it is recommended to continue the intensive cleaning of the lower, in particular first and second chakras.

Even eighth chakra has a color associated with it, and it's the color that you could consider as ultraviolet light. Unfortunately, people are not able to see how it looks ultraviolet light (at least not your usual senses). However, for an idea of ​​how to perceive ultraviolet light in the earthly sense, it can be thought of as a very deep violet light, which is laced with spiraling spiraling volumes.

Twin eighth chakra with an odd number is seven. It is the seventh chakra, which houses the programs used eighth. The seventh chakra is traditionally the center, which connects you to the higher self and a divinity. In a sense, it is true that the seventh chakra contains a guide to what you need to do to connect with these higher energies and evolve. But this does not occur until the eighth chakra begins to open up and becomes active when the individual may be guided by these programs and the ability to ascend. Until then remain dormant programs and the individual will feel some sort of connection with the divine through the seventh chakra, but the reality is at best seen as vague. This vague perception of divinity is the reason why the person finally opens the divine center, comes the true perception of divinity. The reality of what was once a vague idea now becomes a fully developed - often equally true, as she was a natural. Often followed by confusion, because the reality of the individual is now much broader. What was fiction is now real and the physical world seems a little smaller.

It would not be a good idea for a person with closed eighth chakra, to try and open this chakra with another individual. If even succeeded, there would be adverse consequences. It can be assumed, however, that anyone who has healing powers, and clairvoyance., Is likely to open the eighth chakra and will be able to work on this chakra to perform.

When the eighth chakra is open, as well as open spiritual abilities. How many of these capabilities and to what extent, will vary from individual to individual. Clairvoyance of-body travel, the advanced capabilities of recalling dreams, the gift of healing, telepathy, even empathy are all skills for which this center is responsible for activation. Naturally, the programs of these things sitting in seventh center, so if there's a problem with any of these abilities, but not the other, then the cause can look into the seventh chakra. However, remember that when the eighth chakra man begins to open, can only see glimpses of these capabilities. May not fully develop until open the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, even chakra. In other words, when the eighth chakra awakens individuals, these abilities only experiences, but not over them have more control and their discovery can be sporadic at best. For example, when you open the eighth chakra, the person may experience-of-body travel, and even be able to drive. However, the advanced capabilities mimotělesného traveling, as traveling outside the solar system, traveling back or forward in time 200 years, will not take effect until it starts to open 12 chakra.

It is important here to tell individuals that crazy, but that was just beginning to open latent abilities. Consult them to take on these new donations looked at as a kind and a great game to play with them easily. Clean fear of the eighth chakra individuals may well help this person if these abilities to cause any more stress.

ninth chakra

The ninth chakra is also close, a few feet from the body. It is a connecting link. Manages small chakras that exist throughout the grid etheric body. As soon as one ascends, she is in charge of opening new meridians and chakras and re-energized. In the physical body is the key body in this chakra adrenal glands, which are in constant contact with the brain and sweetbreads in an effort to make sure it is in the body represented the right chemistry that could seamlessly continue the process of bodily ascension.

The ninth chakra is interesting that a chakra, where is Christ's latent abilities and awaiting the release and use of outer and inner world. The focus is at this time of Christ's power and ability that are connected with it. For this reason, it is now into physical reality sent a great deal of work and energy that individuals can open and expand this energy center.

The ninth chakra sits above his head at a distance of up to 120 cm. Its twin fluidized's tenth chakra. When the chakra starts to open, it emits radiant energy that looks like a spinning rainbow. Depending on what capabilities the person currently this depot skills for use in the outer world is contracted, it will be determined by the predominant color, which comes from this chakra. So assigning a particular color to this chakra seems pointless. This chakra contains karmic incarnation of an individual plan. There are deposited the skills and abilities learned over all lifetimes. This chakra also contains the key to the fate of the soul. Evolving human soul can be divided into three main types or plans: creator, healer and teacher. Any person can be assigned to one or more of these categories soul. The predominant category determines where the soul seeks after being terminated human condition. It also determines the direction of lives lived the individual and the type of skills that are stored in the ninth chakra. For example, a healer plan will differ from the plan of the Creator. In the plan, the healer spends more individual lives within some kind of healing, and skills stored there will reflect this area of ​​expertise. While in the Creator's plan to spend many more lives in the creation of things like artwork, woodwork, organization, family etc., and in this case there will be saved this type of information.

Finding that this chakra can be one of these types, it is appropriate, because you can avoid the trap where you think this chakra is not working because its energy output seems to be variable. In every plan there are subtle energy differences. And after you've done with this chakra more treatment, you are aware of each type of energy. For example, you will find that the plan teachers is most intense when these individuals are destined for direct work with the human community. Therefore, these individuals there have saved an enormous number of lives and skills. Every time I feel very strong and full ninth chakra, you can speculate that this individual has a plan for teachers.

Plans creator and healer are much less intense and the low number of lives that you need to spend for the development of this plan. However, keep in mind that I'm talking in general. The essence is to bring you the intensity of this chakra seduced to believe that something is wrong, especially if the first few people you work with, the plan teachers.

The ninth chakra is the base of knowledge of the soul. It contains all the life skills and experiences that are part of the individual. An individual enters into this chakra, when he appeared at his past skills that are needed now. These previous skills become very important when an individual begins to awaken spirituality and opens the higher chakras. Many of the past lessons and skills must be combined within a synthesis that securely connects all the lessons (human and spiritual), which passed the soul. Soul then learns the true meaning of what has been achieved for the entire period of human existence and then eventually started spiritual wisdom.

Everything is with this chakra well and good, until these lessons are stored are properly completed. However, what occasionally occurs is that one or two of these lessons are properly learned and put it into perspective, and then there is adequate involvement of the entire chakra. When a person is going to get access to the specific knowledge required, either he gets it incompletely or not at all. That person then can not connect with lessons from these experiences. Without a proper bond between all influences will prevent individuals ascend. It may be necessary to heal this chakra to properly combine the various aspects of the individual, freeing the individual from the constraints caused by faulty wiring. Once the fiber is connected properly, the person will have access to this knowledge and can move up freely and easily.

For example, a person with a plan teachers will at some point need to acquire knowledge of healing to be able to teach other healers. If the fiber is connected incorrectly, due to some trauma under any of healing lives, this person will not be able to gain access to these skills, and therefore will not be able to learn the value of healing for yourself and others. This inability may treat this person from getting any further. Simple cure ninth chakra is all that is needed to make the person freed from these constraints.

Clean trauma in the ninth chakra does not necessarily link the particular skill. The linking of skills in the ninth chakra occurs naturally when a person reaches a moment when knowledge of a particular skill turns to wisdom. However, if for some reason the person is unable to complete the transformation of knowledge into wisdom, due to some trauma in the life, the thread will not pass. This trauma can then be cured in the next life but in the life of the person that particular skill does not have to deal with. Here in this example, trauma cleared, but the thread remains connected incorrectly, consequently, that a given skill is not applied when there is a wiser. The healing of this chakra most likely to fix this problem because all what has to happen is to put this thread to its proper place. (The fibers are actually threads chakras)

The tenth chakra

In the tenth chakra can be found a master library of spiritual knowledge, sometimes also "mistakenly" referred to as Akasha. At these times, the brain sometimes significantly capped form having more knowledge stored in the non-physical brain than in physical form. Yet through channeling it has access to and can speak with him. The tenth chakra is a complex energy flow that includes up to 1000 chakras that connect the Bodhisattva (ascending) source and liaise through the ongoing shift of energy. Insiders often feel disconnected and it is not uncommon when the chakras above the head killed in a karmic exchange. The system restores the night during the new filling due to karmic encounters to allow further increases.

The eleventh chakra

Located in the back half of the top of your head, this is where the Full Self energies from the universal source and the two new etheric chakras connect into the head.


The twelfth chakra (Universal Female)

Located just above the head. It controls the left side of your body and regulates your many creative gifts and talents. It is also a place where the desire for internal self-love and for external love or compassion.


The thirteenth chakra (Universal Male)

It is located above the head and regulates the right side of the body. It also has authority over your perceptions of reality and your ability to carry out a designated plan. This chakra is the source of your desire for inner and outer harmony.




and finally

The new system of chakras

With the entry into the 5th dimension opens new Chakra system that comes into the subconscious of humanity.

It's a very powerful energy system that can be used both in everyday and in the spiritual life.

The main purpose of these extended chakras is to allow individual tuning of your inner self with the galactic community that surrounds and supports our Earth in its development.

12 ČAKER- clear and concise

1st Chakra Country - 30 cm underfoot, white and black.

This chakra brings energy of the universe than the physical body into the earth and helps us make unity with the Earth.


2. Basic Chakra - platinum color.

When accessing the main chakras are grounded and live in joy and peace. We feel safe and trust that the universe will take care of us. Open it by saying: "I AM anchored in my soul. I AM anchored in love. I support."


3rd Sacral Chakra - pink color.

When you open this chakra we express tenderness and true love, we are able to love unconditionally second. We gain confidence and radiating loving energy.


4. chakra in the navel - orange color.

When you open this chakra we express acceptance of all people. It is associated with sex organs, the need for relationships, warmth, joy, pleasure and sex, with the theme of desire, creation and adoption of emotions. Open it by saying: "I AM Divine Masculinity. I AM the Divine Feminine. I am love and wisdom in balance. I embrace."


5. Solar plexus - golden color.

When opening the chakras sending peace, wisdom and ability to soothe and calm the situation. (Fears are stored in the solar plexus). Space chakra solar plexus sends a great strength and wisdom. Open it by saying: "I AM Galactic Champion. I AM cosmic wisdom. Strengthens."


6th Heart Chakra - white.

When opening the heart chakra, sending pure love and we see everything through the eyes of love and acceptance. We join with the cosmic heart. It is associated with forgiveness, compassion and love. Open it by saying: "I AM cosmic love. I AM cosmic heart. LOVE."


7th Throat Chakra - royal blue.

When you open the throat chakra automatically receive protection, strength and courage. This chakra opens when you are ready to take full responsibility as co-creators with God. Space throat chakra expands quality powers and abilities to lead. Open it by saying: "I AM co-creators with God. I am the voice of the Universe. Decides."


8th Third Eye Chakra - crystal clear.

When opening the third eye chakra we see more clearly the path to enlightenment. If this chakra opens our mind automatically gives divine plan and our thoughts have a higher, purer vibration. Open it by saying: "I AM. I AM universe. I've witnessed."


9th Crown Chakra - crystal clear.

If this chakra opens fully, we have teamed up with soul. Even ancient philosophers said that the pineal gland is the place where the physical body, the soul dwells. Pineal gland is higher vibrational portal into the body, the portal between the physical body and the higher energies (light). We can learn to consciously use it so we can control the position in time and space, aging, sleep, appetite for sex. Open it by saying: "I am."


Causal 10th Chakra - the crown chakra, white color.

When you open a causal chakra we experience peace and accept guidance from higher beings. Through this chakra we experience spiritual enlightenment and genuine humility.

When the discrepancy we have fragmented connection with the soul and we are open to attack from entities and extraterrestrial civilizations.


11th Chakra soul - 15 cm above the head, magenta ink.

 When opening the chakras soul can transform karma ancestors and open to the wisdom of the soul, which you can access all day. Through this chakra we are united with our soul and body of light. This chakra also provides a connection between the body and the high-frequency light and ensures communication with the soul consciousness and objective perspective on past lives and their current life, when it is opened recollect their skills, talents and receive information from the soul.

When her lack of activity we have a messiah complex "are saving" instead of acting on the basis of empowerment.


12th Chakra Stargate - 30 cm above the head, deep golden color.

When you open blocks to melt and joins the cosmic currents, which act on earth.

With inadequate action we are out of balance and we are open to space and half-truths are not able to function normally.


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